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Hulk Vol 3 EN Texture - Zbrush Course

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Hulk Ragnarok Vol. 3: Texturing and Painting ( Shades) - Creation of Muscular 3D Characters in Zbrush

Creation of Muscular 3D characters in Zbrush - Hulk Vol. 3: Texturing and Painting. We will paint the body, hands, feet and head of the Hulk.

When we talk about the creation of characters for movies, we must take into account the look, how these characters look in detail, because although they are inspired by comics -which are usually presented in 2D illustration- and not with much nuance, when moving to a 3D version we have to take into account many more details and even more if it is the creation of realistic 3D characters. For this reason, and in the case of the Hulk creation in Zbrush, we must take special care in its details and nuances, the behaviors of lights and shadows must be reflected in and from the stage of painting and texturing, we must manage to print the character certain nuances and tonalities of the character, which must work well in the scene.

For this and more, in this course of Creation of Hulk characters in Zbrush, we will emphasize on detailing and nuancing these characteristics of the character to highlight them, and what better than to save some details of modeling here in the area of digital painting and textured (nuanced).

For this reason, it is very important this Course creation of muscular 3d characters in Zbrush - Hulk Ragnarok Vol. 3: Texturing and Painting, because I want to teach you the usefulness of this production area, where we save a good job of production, managing to detail and refine more our characters, after the character passes through the area of Texturing and Painting, is when it starts to become realistic and this is something that produces a lot of satisfaction.

What knowledge and tools are required?

In order to view this course it is necessary to have basic knowledge of the program interface, this way you will understand the course information.

In case you don't know the software, I recommend you to see the free course "How to learn Zbrush for Beginners".

Learn the basic functions of Zbrush to start your career as a 3D character creator".

The course is developed in the Zbrush software so it is important that you have the program installed in your computer, on the Pixologic website you will find a free trial version for 45 days (buying it is your choice).

To finish you need a pc good enough to use the program (Generally no pc has problems to run the software...At least not for less complex processes).

Who should take this course?

If you are a beginner in the subject and do not know all the concepts this course will be very useful because you will handle the concepts in a clear and simple way so that you do not have problems.

What will the students achieve or be able to do after taking this course?

We will work on the body, hands, feet and head of the Hulk.

You will understand all the necessary phases to model a 3D character, no matter the complexity of the character, you will understand which are the stages of the sculpture and how to improve your character step by step.

You will also learn a series of tools and techniques to sculpt and most importantly you will know when to use which one.

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Hulk Vol 3 EN Texture - Zbrush Course

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